Services Offered By SM MARÉ & ASSOCIATES

The following services can be provided:

Estimates and Cost Advice

Estimates and cost advice during all stages of the development of a project are essential if the correct decisions with full awareness of their financial implications are to be made. Sophisticated techniques, extensive cost data banks and an intimate knowledge of the building and construction economics enable the quantity surveyor to provide reliable cost advice to ensure informed decisions.

Advice on Tendering Procedures and the Contractual Arrangements

The choice of the appropriate form of contract for any given project depends on the nature of the project, the circumstances under which it is to be carried out and the particular needs of the client.

The quantity surveyor in collaboration with the principal-agent and architect is able to advise his client on the most advantageous procurement available, including:

• Contracts incorporating bills of quantities
• Provisional bills of quantities
• Schedule of rates
• Negotiated & Lumpsum contracts
• Cost plus contracts
• Package deals, turnkey offers, etc.

While Bills of Quantities are generally regarded as the most economical and best method of obtaining a competitive price, the alternative methods and types of tender documentation available need to be carefully examined in consultation with the quantity surveyor, architect, etc. before a final decision is made.

Final Account in Respect of the Project

The quantity surveyor's duty is essentially one of cost control. The quantity surveyor measures and values work in progress, determines the value of variations ordered by the architect or engineer and ensures that a fair and equitable settlement of the cost of the project is reached in accordance with the contract conditions. In conjunction with the architect and other consultants, the quantity surveyor will ensure that the financial provisions of the contract are properly interpreted and applied.

Act In Disputes, Etc

A quantity surveyor's knowledge, experience and expertise in the fields of costs and contracts equip him/or her to prepare valuations for fire insurance, to advise in the settlement of insurance claims and to be called as an expert witness or act as an arbitrator in any court or arbitration on building disputes.